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Warm up for the party by partying in the party bus!

Everyone know limos are fun to ride in, but in 2017 party buses are the popular fun way to get around town. Party buses are especially useful when you need to transport multiple people. Think of a party bus as a limo on steroids. Party buses come with a fully kitted dance floor complete with strobe lights and laser lights. On top of that, there’s an LCD screen with built in DVD player. You can fit up to 40 people in a party bus. Not only do party buses allow you to have fun and party on the go, but it also reliefs others from driving – allow them to let loose and not worry about the risks associated with drunk driving. A party bus can be used in the following occasions:

Prom night:

Whether it is a junior prom of a senior prom, if you are planning to go to the prom with your friends, nothing can be more fun than renting out a party bus and travelling with your friends to the prom. To make things more exciting, you can party on the way to the prom, and when you leave from the prom, you can party some more. Surely, a party bus will enable you to have the most memorable night of your life. So, go ahead, pick up that phone and call your local Party Bus Rental in Riverside.

Wine tasting tours:

Music, dancing and alcohol are a match made in heaven. So, it makes perfect sense to rent a party bus when you go out for a wine tasting tour. Take several of your friends for a fun ride and on a wine tasting tour. Taste as many types of wines as you like, and once you are done with the tasting tour, feel free to let loose in the party bus and have fun with your friends.

Concert night:

The biggest concert is just around the corner, and nothing can be more exciting that going to the concert with all your friends in one party bus. The fun doesn’t start when you get to the concert, the fun begins as soon as you step in to party bus. Plus, no one has to worry about being a designated driver, they can let loose and have fun!

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