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Take A La La Land Tour

One of the most successful movies in the year 2017 definitely has to be La La Land. Chosen to be nominated for 14 academy awards, this old school Hollywood flick is produced in modern Los Angeles. The chosen location was Long Beach California, Santa Monica, Burbank and the famous Hermosa Beach. These flamboyant locations are getting a new perception from avid fans.

As Valentine Day is gone for another year, there is definitely no reason for you to not visit the iconic places in Los Angeles. Surely if you and your better half enjoyed La La Land, then you both should truly arrange a special arrangement with one of our limousine services to the special attractions of La La Land that made the movie so remarkable that is of today.

The Renowned Griffith Park

Arguably the most mesmerizing scene in the flick, the characters of Sebastian and Mia sing and tap at a spot called “Cathy’s Corner.” If you are seeking to explore the entire park, then make no mistake, this one sprawls over a massive 4200 acres. With multiple activities that you can engage yourself in like hiking, visiting museums, visiting the Griffith observatory and enjoying the nine hole Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course. The Greek Theatre is also just a walk away as is the Hollywood Sign, Botanical Gardens and the Los Angeles Zoo.

The Lighthouse Café

This is the location where Sebastian and Mia confess that jazz music doesn’t appeal to her. This café is the big deal and has been the staple in Hermosa Beach ever since 1949. Renowned musicians like Art Blakery, Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley have performed to make this place even more special. Now as we see, this jazz fixture offers a great load of fun, food and a happy hour for everyone.

Hermosa Pier

This spot over here is where dreamy Sebastian gradually waltzes looking at the sunset while singing the song “City of Stars” which had been nominated in the Academy Awards for the best original song. The place is well-known for speculating surfers, gaze at beautiful dolphins or take a memorable stroll along the pier after a good meal. Even though its hard to find a spot due to excessive flow of people, there is much less likelihood of you getting the pier all by yourself, but its undoubtedly the location to reckon for.

The SmokeHouse Sensation

If you are looking something peculiar to eat in the steak category at Los Angeles, and obviously how can you not have some, while remaining close by with the La La Land theme, you should definitely try out the SmokeHouse. It is situated right across the Warner Brother’s Studio where Sebastian was convinced to play holiday tunes for the dining customers and where he met Mia the second time. SmokeHouse brings great nostalgic memories as it first opened late back in 1946 and is known for its delicious steaks throughout LA. The dark theme setting with wooden and leather booths gives it a vintage look with live music and performances.

The Grand Central Market

The Los Angeles staple is only shown for a brief moment in the movie however, the open air market is like second home to many locals. Sebastian’s and Mia’s first date was where they both indulged in Salvadorean food and Sarita’s Pupuseria as you will explore more eatery options and mouth-watering Mexican and Chinese food.

Colorado Street Bridge

The bridge is an iconic location where you can enjoy the sunset over the Pasadena. When it was formed in 1913, it had the highest concrete bridge in the world, but as of today, you can still view the amazing city from a far distant on the bridge. Productions like Full House, The Amazing Race and others have filmed here but none more famous than La La Land.

Chateau Marmont

The moment that everyone was waiting for in the flick, Mia finally decides to take shine in the moment and take control at the Chateau Marmont. If you ever decide on staying back in LA for a night or two, then look no further. This significant hotel is located in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard and offers extravagant bungalows and suites. Established in 1929, the hotels history is rare. Greta Garbo James, F.Scott Fitzgerald and several others coveted the privacy for which the hotel is popular for.

Some of the other places included in La La Land are Century Freeway where it connects 105 to 110 interstate. The Warner Brothers Studio is one of the remarkable places to visit where its always exciting to take a tour. And lastly, the huge metal sculpture that is the Watts Tower where Sebastian and Mia stopped by to take a glance at the beauty.

It’s no brainer that you must visit Los Angeles for its iconic places and beauty, this special getaway where La La Land was filmed will be an everlasting memory. If you are planning a party or special event like birthdays or showers, make sure to book your limousine services in advance, party limos are helpful and even better than that, visiting your limousine company can be a vital part of the process as you may further inquire the types of limousines they provide. You can sit back in your stretch limo or if you really want to go for style, then a Rolls Royce limo can surely fortify your presence. The Perfect Limo is the perfect pick for your travelling needs as one of our professional chauffer’s will make your journey as smooth as silk!

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