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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival


Mesmerizing music, articulate activities, finest food, cheerful celebs, ecstatic environment, aesthetic artwork arrays, incredibly intoxicant happen to be but a handful of striking features synonymous with a place we call “Coachella Valley”. This featured write-up takes you to a virtual tour of the Valley prior to your being actually packing up your luggage and traveling forth.

Blast From The Past

Let’s delve into the history and blast down the memory lane. It all sparked off on 9th October, 1999 when the Festival was inaugurated. Since then the event has turned into an annual occurrence held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.

Since the year 2012, it is being organized in mid-April. This year of 2018 is due to witness it from Apr 13th to 15th and Apr 20th to 22nd.

So, what’s So Special About Coachella Valley Festival?

We reiterate this fact over here that the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival shall be, undoubtedly, the last happening on earth to be missed out by its inhabitants. It is quite meritoriously deemed to be one of the most densely populated arenas holding festivals on a global scale whenever festive season is reached.

The Coachella Festival has turned into the most talked-about event since its post-inception era. Being artistic, musical and annual its attendance has gradually soared to several millions over the years. People belonging to all ages, beliefs, sects, races and nationalities throng the desert area to experience an exemplary phase of their lifetime amidst all the delectable to treat their taste-buds, condition their eyes with all sorts of sight-seeing, massage their ears with beautiful music, caress their bodies with joyous activities and take in deep breaths of fresh, fragrant air that surrounds them.

Moving In, Moving Out In All Luxury

So, how do you go about moving in to the hottest music & art festival of the United States that rocks the arid Colorado Desert zone? With all logic you would opt for a luxurious means of conveyance to be a part of the most fashionable and elite of all festivals.

Naturally, the sheer thought of afore-lying expenses as a definite prospect may dampen your spirits to a certain extent, but let’s be the prodigal son of a thrifty father at least once every year, for that matter.

A perfect transportation escorting you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your loved ones or just you by yourself can be none other than a luxury class limousine handled by a composed, qualified and dedicated chauffeur who knows the way and shows you the way. Depending upon your group size, there would always be more than one executive class vehicles wherein all can be taken aboard in complete ease & comfort without missing out on any baggage. And, needless to say, the numerous freebies as amenities are never struck off the packages to select from.

The Coachella Festive Season fetches huge discounts with it in the exquisite limo transportation services so that you never find yourself at the receiving end. A luxurious trip to the Festival venue and back can be turned into a pleasant memory to be cherished in all times ahead. A comfy to-and-fro movement is able to endow you with a positively potent impact over your mind.

The Post-word

We all are too familiar with the dark, ugly spots over the brilliant face of Coachella Valley Festival such as it being exorbitantly expensive, excessively hot, rendering you in long queues for water, food, shower and so forth. But, in the end with all passion it’s not the overall expenditure that counts; it is the leisure, the pleasure, the physical & corporal relaxation that “replete” your “depleted” resources.

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