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8 Essential Characteristics of a Chauffeur for Ground Transportation Service

Not all ground transportation service providers come with the same calibre, and so is every employed chauffeur. If you are looking to hire a grand and elite vehicle like a limo for whatever the event, then considering the features and performance of the ride isn’t the only thing worth examining. It’s equally vital to see if the chauffeur sitting behind the wheel is up to the mark of quality promised by the service. So let’s explore the characteristics a chauffeur requires or the information to inquire from the service provider in order to have an exceptional performance.

1. A valid license

Depending on the laws of a particular state, a chauffeur may be needed to attain a special type of license. They may also be asked to come with a minimum age and driving experience requirements. A well-run and reliable limo service provider will be more than happy to remove any doubts of the client regarding the driving legalities of the chauffeur.

2. A stainless driving record

The prime responsibility of the chauffeur is to drive the client safely to his/her destination at all costs, so what better way than to showcase a clean driving record. Ask the service provider regarding their policies pertaining the employed chauffeurs’ records. However, if you see unpleasant instances, then it’s time to move on!

3. A professional wear

Limos are normally booked for formal or exclusive events like casino nights, wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, etc. Obviously these events are not the places to go in casual wear, so should be the same for the chauffeur. The chauffeur should always present himself in a professional attire as per the industry standards.

4. Sufficient training

Besides a valid license, a professional and sober attire, and a flawless driving record, the chauffeur must also have acquired adequate training. Ask the service provider if the chauffeur has completed a course in defensive driving. Other important things to consider include for instance, how much the chauffeur is trained to help the bride get in and out of the limo without troubling her wedding gown.

5. Employment status

The chauffeur must be an “employee” in the service provider’s company to indicate that he/she has a definite position, job responsibilities, and a professional image to maintain. Never consider hiring a chauffeur who is more of an amateur or a weekend contractor looking to earn some money as a part-time job.

6. Punctuality

A responsible and great chauffeur is always expected to arrive at the pickup destination 15 to 20 minutes prior. To take this into account, the chauffeur will acknowledge all the alternate routes to the place including the uncertain delays caused by weather and traffic conditions. Remember, even the most exclusive and high-class limo is no good than a flop local cab if it fails to arrive at the designated time, especially if there is a wedding or birthday party celebration at stake.

7. A careful and thorough self-grooming

A professional chauffeur is expected to address each traveler let it be your guests, close friends, family members, etc. with great care and vigilance. The hygiene factor of the chauffeur should be uncompromised with neatly trimmed nails, a mature hairstyle, and a refreshing oral health.

8. Staying calm in stressful situations

Being a chauffeur calls for meeting and travelling clients of various personalities and lifestyles. On a specific day, you may be required to transport high profile individuals to a downtown, while at other times you will be managing a bunch of excited wedding or birthday party guests who will be enough to make a thick noise throughout the travel. It’s all onto the chauffeur how he keeps his nerves in check without getting stressed and panicked at any instant. Ask the service provider how well their chauffeurs performs under different types of clients, or inquire if you can get to examine some evaluation forms filled by clients on the drive and performance of the chauffeur.

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