Mikki J (Riverside, CA)

I was stranded at an airport with no transportation service at a late hour. I had a business meeting in the morning and wanted to quickly get to my hotel to prepare for it. With some luck, I searched for airport limousine services and came across Riverside Limo service. Within minutes my ride was booked and the driver took less than ten minutes to arrive at my location. With professional assistance, I was able to book my ride again with Riverside Limo service. Their service is definitely worth every single penny. Real value for money.

Debra K. (Riverside, CA)

I wanted my daughter to have the perfect birthday party as she is only eight years old. I wanted all her friends to attend her birthday party but with all the planning and arrangements, I could not also take care of making travel arrangements. One of my friends suggested Riverside Limo service. I quickly made the call to reserve my booking for a party shuttle. The chauffer driver was kind enough to make all the travel arrangements before and after the party. Thank you Riverside Limo Service for making such a great day for my daughter.

Lorah M. James (Riverside, CA)

We used wait for hours, looking for a suitable cab. All those endless tiring waiting finally made us to call and book our travel with Riverside Limo Services. Their chauffeur was extremely courteous and kind towards us, guiding us exactly where we needed to go. With their best prices and affordable rates, we would want to recommend Riverside Limo Services to everyone.

After such a great service, we wanted to visit a couple of shopping stores. We booked our ride with more of my friends this time. Only this time, the chauffeur was kind enough to guide us more shopping stores and made our journey comfortable and full of excitement. Riverside Limo Services are sure to delight you all the way to your destination.

All in all it was a great time! Go Perfect Limo!!


One of the best bachelor party limousine service I have come across. The chauffeur was able to get us through the traffic, ensuring safe routes and we arrived safe and secure to the nightclub. All of my friends with me were pretty much drunk but our chauffer was more than kind enough to drive us back to our location. I am pretty sure that I would try their service again for corporate travel purposes.

Stephanie M. (NORCO, CA)

All their chauffeur drivers are so kind and courteous. I once took their ride with one of my friends to a business meeting. Inspired from their friendly behavior, I started using their limousine service myself for my corporate meetings or conferences. With their exceptional services and their ability to get me through traffic, timely pick-ups, safe and comfortable driving and most of all, reliable service.